What's New: Justice Is Served #

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SAB CLHC   •   May 2023
It’s Monday in Morrison County, and that means the courthouse is open for… business? N…

SMR '25   •   May 2023
There were never any parties where I grew up. Believe me—I asked everybody. For my eighteenth…

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Publication: May 2023

Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury,

I will prove to you throughout the Justice is Served # that my client is innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt. On second thought, that is too high of a bar: I will m…

Josh Lieb '93   •   November 2020
Okay, so you’re in the cafeteria. They’re serving peas. The boy across from you is thro…

SAB '24   •   May 2022
- One day before technology that makes everyone live forever is invented - One hour before all the…

LKN '25   •   May 2023
085888C8 60000000 Win every court case0452FDBC 10000000 Infinite evidence0452FDBC 0FFFFFFF Finite, …


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