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Comps for Literature, Art and Business are held each semester and are limited to the undergraduate students of Harvard University (no seniors). For more information, please attend an introductory meeting at the Lampoon Castle at 44 Bow St. in Cambridge, MA.

The introductory meetings for the Fall 2019 semester comp will be held September 9th, 10th, 11th, and 13th at 8PM  at the Lampoon Castle at 44 Bow Street.

Refreshments will be served. Do not let this discourage you from bringing snacks.

Office hours will be held every Sunday and Wednesday night at 8-10PM, starting Sunday, September 15th.

Direct questions to:

Literature Comp Directors: Nick Grundlingh ( and Jack Stovitz (

Art Comp Directors: Teddy Ninh ( and Marie Konopacki (

Business Comp Directors: Nick Jaeger ( and David Lynch (


Event Information

Prospective compers are welcome to join the comp directors, the Lampoon’s Executive Board and representatives of the Lampoon’s Accessibility Council to discuss the comp and culture of the Lampoon.

Thinking of comping? Want to learn more about the organization? Stop by.

Tuesday, September 17th from 6-8pm in Sever 208 


The Harvard Lampoon is committed to being accessible to anyone who wants to comp. Here are some steps we’ve taken over the last year as part of that effort:

  • Addition of two new positions to the magazine Masthead—the Scribes to the Accessibility Council—who facilitate regular all-staff meetings in which members are expected to take collective responsibility for the ways in which the magazine and the comp are run.
  • Introduction of OSAPR-training  for new members of staff at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Introduction of digital office hours submissions and feedback to accommodate compers who cannot attend office hours in person due to jobs or other commitments.
  • Creation of mechanisms to ensure wider oversight of the content published in the magazine.
  • Anonymous feedback forms emailed to all compers each semester. Relevant trends in the feedback to be discussed in Accessibility Council meetings.

What is the Harvard Lampoon all about?

When applying to either the Literature or Art boards, the only thing that matters is how hard your creative work makes us laugh. When applying to the Business board, the only thing that matters is how good you are at doing business.

The above requirements are, absolutely and definitively, the only standards by which applications to our Literature, Art, and Business boards will be judged.

Happy comping.