Artwork: SKL '23

TV Show Taglines

Author: ZDG '20
As seen in: Nantucket Sleighride #

-Babies vs. Cars: Will the underdog keep losing?

-A car? Versus a baby?

-This baby specifically doesn’t stand a chance.

-They said we couldn’t find a weaker group of babies than last season. They were wrong.

-This season, the cars don’t even have to be that strong to win.

-The babies: weaker. The cars: needlessly stronger. This show: awesome.

-I’ve never seen three babies consecutively get obliterated so bad we actually had to delete the footage.

-Sometimes the babies seem like they might do okay for a bit. These babies don’t look anything like those babies.

-What happens when an unstoppable car meets a pretty weak baby?

-They’ve waited their whole life to fight these cars, and they haven’t waited long. 

-Realistically, they don’t stand a chance.