Artwork: IKI '26


Author: MRB FOD
As seen in: The Quixotic #

Only 35 of the 97 total passengers were killed in the Hindenburg Blimp disaster. This has really taken a toll on my love life.


  • Wow, I suppose it is pretty amazing that you have the same birthday as your dog. Oh, the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me? Well, I was in the Hindenburg.
  • Whoa! Wasn’t that the blimp that exploded in mid-air in 1937? Were you the only survivor?
  • Well, no. Actually, 65% of us survived.
  • Oh… really? I thought everyone died. Are we talking about the same Hindenburg?
  • The blimp called the Hindenburg that blew up in the sky, shocking the world from its prior innocence? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s the same one.
  • Well, that’s very nice but I need to go. My boyfriend’s picking me up.


  • Near-death experience? Well actually, yeah, I’ve got one. I was in the Hindenburg.
  • I think the majority of people actually survived that.
  • The blimp… exploded… in the air… 
  • But your best near-death experience? Really? I mean, my husband survived the Hindenburg. So did I. Really, almost everyone did.


  • You know, I was in the Hindenburg.
  • Really? Tell me more..
  • Exploding blimp. Hydrogen gas. It was wild..
  • How about you tell me the rest of the story… at your place…
  • I also sleep in a blimp-shaped bed…
  • That’s… so sexy…
  • My bed…they say it also has a 65% survival rate… 
  • What?
  • I mean, I used to have three cats but I rolled over one of them in my sleep.
  • (Passing Young Boy:) I survived the Titanic!
  • Wow, you’re so much sexier than this creep over here…
  • Damn you, young boy!