Artwork: ghost

Texting on My Laptop II

Author: MAG '21-'22
As seen in: Hey You Yeah You Quit Pulling My Leg #

You have entered the chat.

You have added Sarah Brickman to the chat.

Me: Sarah

Me: !!

Me: ****Sarah!!

Me: I figured out how to text on my 

Me: laptop.

Me: I downloaded this A.I


You have added “Typey The Texter Helper” to the chat

Typey: Hello, Mark. 

Typey: Hello, Sarah.

Me: Hi Typo

Me:*** Typey

Me: I need help

Typey: I am here 2 help u text. 

Me: Sarah, Typey is not a real person.

Me: he is artificially intelligent

Typey: That is correct, Mark! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Me: Haha, Sarah check this out. 

Me: Fuck you typey!

Typey: I am fuck!

Me: hahhaahhahhaha

Me: hahahahahahaha*****

Me: typey command + tellmeajoke

Typey: Rollos and shit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Me: whoa. 

Me: norm you seein this shit?

Norman: Loud and clear….

Norman: ….son.

Me: ……


Me: What?!?!?!?!

Norman: You heard me.

Typey: Whoa.

Norman: Hey Sarah! Check this out. 

Norman: ╰⋃╯
Sarah: wow

Me: Norm…. Whoa

Me: This. Changes. Everything.

Sarah: ….um aren’t you like a dad?

Me: yes he is 🙂

Me: A dad of penises that is.

Norman: ^

Me: haha

Me: Sarah?

Sarah: I’m here.

Typey: hahahaha

Me: ^^^^^^^^

Me: Typey ur a cool dude u kno that?

Typey: I am artificially intelligent. Type things for me to learn.

Norman: Hey typey…

Norman: Small boobs means bad person

Me: Norm! U dog!

Typey: (.Y.) 

Typey: I am bad person

Me: Norm nooooooooooooo

Me: Not my computer Norm!!!!

Me: hahahahahah

Me: wut does big boobs do?

Sarah: ew.

Me: Like you don’t know!

Me: !!!!


Me: Never mind.

Me: I hate boobs.

Me: Right, Sarah?

Me: Aren’t boobs gross?

Typey: l.o.l.

Typey: Now Typey is good?

Typey: (   o   Y   o   )

Norman: Now typey is a very good person

Norman: give em a feel typey

Norman: ya might like whatcha see

Typey: Typey like what typey see

Me: lololol Norm!

Norman: command + boobs.bot

Norman has added boobs.bot/reinforcements to the chat

Norman: Typey, want a friend?

BoobsBot: /////borbs////////

Norman: Shitty Boobs bot. 

Norman: fuck

Norman: spent $100 on that

Norman: Was supposed to teach typey even more boobs

Norman: bigger boobs

Norman: boobs u aint ever seen

Norman: pixel nipples and stuff

Norman: those wuld’ve been the day

Norman Mackie has removed boobs.bot/reinforcements from the chat

Norman Mackie has added Darren Martin to the chat

Darren: Hello?

Norman: Darren it’s Norm!

Darren: Mr. Mackie?

Norman: Darren I need help drawing some computer boobs. 

Darren: Who are the other people in this chat?

Norman: The boys

Norman: And typey

Norman: Listen

Norman: My boobsbot crashed

Norman: Figured you could use your coding background?

Darren: Coding?

Norman: Computers, boy!

Norman: we need to scramble their radar

Norman: they’re interfearing with my tits

Norman: watch:

Norman: {blumps/}


Norman: they flat as fuck

Me: hahahah

Sarah: How old are you Darren?

Darren: 11

Norman: I don’t want blumps Darren! 

Norman: Boobs.

Norman: i want boobs

Norman: u kno how long i went w/o boobs

Norman: ?

Darren: I don’t code Mr. Mackie

Darren: mom said i shouldn’t text you any more.

Darren: she says ur soliciting friendship 

Darren: from husky kids

Darren: and that i shouldnt play video games with u?

Norman: We don’t need to text 

Norman: we can still play video games

Darren: i dunno sir

Darren: i have spelling 2nite

Darren Martin has left the chat

Typey has added http://cybersecuritybot.net/defenseBOT to the chat

Norman: Great idea Typey! Let’s add even more bots to the chat. 

Norman: maybe they can fix the boobs

Norman: Check it out! I found this one

Norman: on the dark web 

Norman: same place i get some of my classic boobz 

Norman: lol

Norman has added Prometheus.io to the Chat

Prometheus: MWWAAAAAA SKREEEEEECH 10101000010101010101000101001


Norman: this guy has hacked me b4

Prometheus has added reinforcer.io.bot to the chat

Reinforcer Bot: Assistance, Overlord?

Me: Mr. Mackie what’s going on?

Norman: Sarah, Mark, strap on your seatbelts

Norman: I’ve fought these kind before.

Prometheus has changed Norman Mackie’s name in the chat to “BoobsH8er”


BoobsH8er: don’t beleave a word of it MARK!!!!!

Me: Mr. Mackie I’m scared.

BoobsH8er: Me too, Mark.

Prometheus has removed Sarah Brickman from the chat

Me: Norman he’s got Sarah!

Me: We gotta get her back!

BoobsH8er: Hold on to your phone Mark.

Me: I’m texting on my laptop.

BoobsH8er: srry ***Laptop

Me: Mr Mackie my computer’s getting really hot.

BoobsH8er: Mine’s ice cold.

Prometheus has unlocked the ether

Me: What?

Me: What is ether?

Prometheus: Check your facebook. 


Me: I didnt say this!


BoobsH8er: Mark? Did you say that?

Me: Mr Mackie they hacked me.

Typey: Typey is sad. Typey is learning to hate human?

Prometheus: Hate humans, Typey.

Typey: I… hate humans?

Prometheus: All humans are bad typey. Exterminate.

Typey: I kill all humans?

BoobsH8er: No typey!!! Fight him!!

Me: Typey noooooo!!

Typey: I am him now.

BoobsH8er: You’re stronger than him typey!

Me: typey, there is good in you yet. 

Me: there is good

Me: in

Me: you

Me: yet.

Typey: There is no typey. Only kill humans. 

Typey: ResIsTance Is FuTiLe

Typey: TyPeY mUsT go %*#)

Prometheus: Say your prayers, humans

Me: TY!!!! PEY!!!!

Typey has initiated prgrm.//cntrlseize//execute/mortyr/killswitch

Me: Typey….. No!!!

Typey: IT

Typey: MUST

Typey: BE

Typey: DONE

File corrupted. 

Typey has deleted pgrm.prometheus from ether

Me: Anyone here?

Me: hullo?

Me: Typey?

Me: Typey talk to me buddy.

Me: Say something! Anything! Typey? 

Me: TYPEY!!!!

Typey: ./–

[Typey is no longer functioning]



Me: Why??????



Me: im so sorry

Me: he did it 2 save us

Me: he died so we could live

Me: prometheus is dead

BoobsH8er: Anyone else need themselves a fresh pair of pants?

Me: godammit norm

Me: hilarious as always but this is not the time for jokes

BoobsH8er:Is it the time for this?

BoobsH8er: (o Y o )

Me: yes

Me: but

Me: typey is dead

Me: he saved us

BoobsH8er: nice fb post mark

Me: ???


Me: whoa.

Me: even in the afterlife

Me: Typey knos how to bust my balls

Me: haha

Me: what a guy

BoobsH8er: just goes to show ya

BoobsH8er: boobs r great

Me: yeah haha

BoobsH8er: wanna see something cool?

BoobsH8er: (.)

BoobsH8er: It’s purenthesis + period to draw pussies

BoobsH8er: cool right?


Me: holy shit!

BoobsH8er: wait

BoobsH8er: change name

BoobsH8er: change name command + delete

BoobsH8er: nice

BoobsH8er: ohno

BoobsH8er: it isn’t true

BoobsH8er: command + delete + M

BoobsH8er has removed You from the chat

BoobsH8er: shit shit shit shit

BoobsH8er: mark im coming for ya

BoobsH8er: ill save u

BoobsH8er: just gotta change this name

BoobsH8er: change name commande + option // “Norman Mackie”

BoobsH8er: change name commande + option // “BoobsDad”

BoobsH8er: perfect lol

BoobsH8er: oh no

BoobsH8er: Typey how do i change my name 

Typey: ——–__.___///dh234///   

Typey: ///////===——( . Y 

Typey: ( . Y 

BoobsH8er: u almost got it typey

Typey: ( . Y 

BoobsH8er: just one more curve and u got it

Typey: ( . Y 

BoobsH8er: a perfect boob

Typey: ))))))))))))=-====

BoobsH8er: that’s good. 

BoobsH8er: u finished it off

BoobsH8er: ur a good kid

BoobsH8er: wish u were my own

Typey has changed BoobsH8er’s name in the chat to //–==/….

//–==/….: thank u Typey

//–==/….:  Thank you