Artwork: ghost

Tech Support Chat

Author: GPL '21-'22
As seen in: Symphonia Fantastica #

– Hey is this the–uh–the Niteflirt phone sex line?

– No, sorry, this is the Niteflirt phone sex line technical support line.

– Oh my god, you must get this a lot.

– No this has never happened before. Would you like me to transfer you?

– Uhh, this is so terrible, I just really wanted to get off and this happens…

– I mean sir I can try but I don’t think it’s gonna be–

– shhhhh. Don’t say a word…

– …

– but also talk to me because this is phone sex.

– Oh yeah. Uhh so start by zonking it off I think.

– zonk?

– Yeah did you cum yet?

– You didn’t give me nearly enough time. I’m not even hard yet.

– well-how about you let me fix that by talking to your penis… or something.

– *putting the phone inside his jeans* okay I guess…

– hot latina goddess safesearch off

– …

– Did that do anything?

– Hey sorry–I couldn’t hear you the phone was pressed against my–

– Your penis, yes I understand.