Artwork: ghost

Fight Song

Author: JFAR '19-'22
As seen in: Last Ditch Effort #

This is the fight song for John Wayne Gacy, the Murderer, High School. 

JWG High We Love You (Oh, Yes We Do)

[Big inhale]

Pharaohs, Pharaohs let’s go fight

We know we’ll always do what’s right

When it comes to sports we are the best

Everything we do we beat the rest.

Sing along, you know what to do

Gacy High we love you!

We’ve reached the top

And we’re proud of our dads

[Shout: Proud of you dad!]

I’m not ashamed to kiss my dad on the LIPS

[Spoken: Everyone has a dad.]

Gacy! Gacy! True and fair! [Jump]

Might, fight, winning everywhere! [Land]

 I can kiss him.

I kiss my papa

On his papa smile.

Papa put away your frown.

I’ve just arrived. I’m back in town

I’ve finished my chores for the night.

Kiss me. Kiss me. Hold me tight.

When it comes to being the best school

You know that we are in the running

What time do you get off work today

From your job at the store, father? 

When I taste your mouth in my lips,

Your spit tastes like home, papa.

So give it your all

That’s what we need

Sound the Gacy call

Blue and green we bleed!

[Big inhale]