Artwork: ghost


Author: GPL '21-'22
As seen in: Symphonia Fantastica #

– John? I mean uh, excuse me random stranger?

– What do you want?

– I have amnesia. I mean… what’s amnesia?

– Jack, what the fuck are you doing?

– Jack? Is that your name?

– You just said my name a couple seconds ago.

– Wait, wait John I think the amnesia is getting worse.

– It doesn’t work like that.

– ….

– ….

– ….

– Hello?

– Sorry, just forgot how to talk for a second there.

– That’s it. I refuse to participate any further.

– Roof.

– Are you… No–don’t let him get to you, John.

– (licks arm) Am I clifford the big red dog on pbs at 9 am?

– This is such bullshit. You don’t have amnesia.

– Am I–roof roof–remembering your extramarital affair with Jenny?

– (nervously) I told you that in confidence.

– Are you going to play along with the amnesia I may or may not have?

– (exasperated) Someone, help. I think my dog clifford the big red dog might have amnesia.