Artwork: ghost


Author: GPL '21-'22
As seen in: Family Friendly Comedy #

– Hey dude how do we know our pizza is ready for pick-up?

– The buzzer they gave us.

– Oh yeah, haha I guess I didn’t think–

(smiling) Oh my god. How else did you think they were gonna let us know?

– I’m not sure, I guess I just wasn’t thinking about–

(laughing) Did you think that the pizza was just gonna appear in front of us when it was done?

– Dude you’re being a jerk, I just forgot–

(cackling) Or-Or-did you think the pizza fairy was gonna come and drop off the pizza to your table?

– What are you even talking about?

(crying tears of joy) Did you think that there was a service dog that was specially trained for pizza delivery in this restaurant that was going to fetch the pizza and you were going to give him a treat as his reward? Is that what you seriously, actually thought?