Artwork: ghost

The Black Death

Author: YMC '21-'22
As seen in: Family Friendly Comedy #

- Anne, mine old friend, I… I hast been touch'd by the bubonic plague.
- Nay! Prithee, Margaret, bid me this isn’t true!
- T’is, sadly… But I hast been toldeth that thee hast found the last medicinal bellflower which remains to cureth the disease, nay?
- Um…aye, but as thee well knoweth Margaret, I wast planning to useth yond bellflower on mine pet rabbit Skittles who also hast the plague…
- I knoweth, dear Anne, but how longeth hath thee and I been friends?
- One year fewer than I hast hadst Skittles, Margaret.
- …I shall die a gruesomedeath, Anne, without even being able to kisseth my own moth’r's visage before she leaveth for the pet store at dawn. I must asketh thee—
- Thy moth’r works at the pet store?
- Aye. Why doth thee ask?
- Bethink the lady couldst giveth me an app’rnticeship opp’rtunity yonder?
- I supposeth so.
- Then I imagineth 'tis worth the death of Skittles; here, 'ere is the medicinal bellflower.
- Oh Anne, thanketh thee, but there is nay need for that!
- What doth thou mean?
- I just cometh here to ask if I couldst pet Skittles one last time before I kicketh the bucket.