Artwork: AMC '23

2009 Make-A-Wish

Author: JGB '25
As seen in: What Have We Done #

LeBron: Well, it’s been great having you here, bud! (smiles at TV cameras)

Kid: Listen, LeBron… I’m starting to think you’re only hanging out without me because of Make-a-Wish.

LeBron: Your wish was to be a Cleveland Cavalier, and you got it! The whole team loves you.

Kid: So let me play in a game then. 

LeBron: I don’t — hey, you wanna shoot some more hoops? Fist bump me!

Kid: So this is all some big joke, then, huh? Well, Ha ha ha. Laugh it up. LeBron thinks cancer is funny.

LeBron: (facing cameras) I’m not laughing. I promise I’m not laughing.

Kid: I bet you don’t even think I’m that good at basketball. I bet you let me win the dunk contest too.

LeBron: You… you had a trampoline.


Therapist: What is it, LeBron?

LeBron: I’m starting to think these Make-a-Wish kids only hang out with me because of basketball and not because I’m a cool, chill guy.

Therapist: I can see why you might think that.


LeBron: I know I didn’t make the playoffs, but hey, at least we can just hang out now, right?

Kid: (glances at friends, laughing) Yeah, maybe some other time, man.

LeBron: I do more than just play basketball! I’m a chill, normal dude.

Kid: (widens eyes) Ohhh-kay, then.

LeBron: What is going on right now… 

Kid: I’ll make you a deal, LeBron. Win a championship, and you can hang with us.

LeBron immediately signs with the Miami Heat.